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Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey Tells It Like It Is

The inalienable truth behind The Bill of Rights and The Right To Keep and Bear Arms has never changed.

What has changed, is exactly what is, and what is not, politically correct. The definition of that ephemeral social construct wavers in the wind; real world realities can get you killed.

To paraphrase Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey below, “PC” should stand for “Protecting the Citizen” and “the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”.

I could not agree more…

Americans are taking messages like these to heart, fueled by recent events and the unconstitutional acts and dangerous meanderings of the current presidential administration. The year 2015 will set records for background checks and gun sales, with over 21 million sold.

Unfortunately, you can be sure that the relentless assault on gun owners will only intensify.



What do you think?


Posted by Michael Patrick McCarty

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“You can deny the realities of the need for self protection, but you cannot escape the consequences of that ignorance”. Michael Patrick McCarty

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Posted by Michael Patrick McCarty

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A Pheasantful of Memories

A Memory In The Making – Rocky Tschappat Jr.

Where would we be as outdoorsmen, and as men, if not for the people in our lives who took us hunting?

It is a question not so easily answered, though at least we get to ask. Sadly, a steadily increasingly group of young people never get that chance. In most cases I can only grieve for the loss that they will never fully understand, while staring upward and thanking the heavens for the sportsmen of my youth.

It was only a natural way to be in the world in which I grew up. My father had been a hunter all of his life, and his father was too. To be true so were my uncles and cousins, my brothers, friends, and our neighbors. There was always someone to go hunting with and a shotgun was never far out of hand.

We hunted small game and deer and birds of all kinds, but pheasants – pheasants were a special creature. There were not many to be found in our corner of the uplands, and those that remained were wary and smarter than smart. It was a big event to bag a hefty, redheaded cockbird.

If you are like me then there is no doubt that you remember your first cackling rooster rising like a shimmering phoenix in the sky. The memory of that long-tailed vision burns brightly in the mind, ready for access at a moment’s notice. Mine is a mind full of ring-necks.

I hold my treasure trove of remembrances most dearly, yet it occurs to me that It is only right to return the favor. I am more than willing to share that long list of images in my head, though I would be most happy to help you gain your own.

One thing can be said.

Take a boy, or a girl, hunting – today. It is a responsibility and an honor, and in fact a debt that must be repaid.

We can only be as strong as the sum total of our experience, and I cannot comprehend a life barely lived without the solid grounds of woods and field beneath the boots. The pursuit of wild things is a foundational activity, built upon the realities of the natural world and the spirit of the quickening heart. It is an opportunity to learn some core moral values, while becoming part of something much larger than one’s self.

We owe it to our mentors to carry the torch; to help ignite that undying spark in the imagination and energy of the next generation. I can think of no greater reward than to be remembered fondly in the thoughts of the grateful and fortunate soul of a hunter.

It is only but a moment of memory, and a towering pheasant, away.


Food Freedom – Young Gunner’s, and Pheasants Forever!

Michael Patrick McCarty

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Clawing For The Skydglassme / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA


Some Flint Knapping “How To”

This short video about how to flint knap comes courtesy of Dave Massender of Oregon, and Colorado.

As you will see, Dave can make it look quite easy, which of course it is not. He tells me that he has been flint knapping for about 20 years, and that he could not begin to guess at how many hours of practice that it took him to achieve this particular level of skill.

He says that he has always been enamored with all things Indian, beginning at age seven when he first tagged along with his father and friends as they searched for arrowheads in the Nevada mountains. It took more than an agonizing few years to finally find someone who could teach him what he yearned to know, and a flint knapper was born.

Dave loves to work with non-traditional materials when fashioning his points and blades. He considers it a practical and useful skill, but most of all, an art form of elegant significance.

He is happy to share some of his knowledge and expertise here, just as his friend did for him so many years ago.

You can see more of Dave’s flint knapping videos and other things of interest here.



Michael Patrick McCarty

Food Freedom – And Guns Too!

Holy Waters

A Fine, Wet Miracle. Photo by Michael Patrick McCarty

December 23, 2013

For some time now I have made a special effort to drink only water that I have collected and hauled from a high country spring, and I have no plans to quit anytime soon. It is some distance from my house and it takes a bit of time out of an otherwise busy day, and it would be so much easier to turn on the municipal tap or crack a cap of bottled water.

Is it worth the trouble, you might ask?

Well, yes it is, as a matter of fact, and in more ways than you might guess, would be my answer…

Drawn deep from a primordial source, this water is wild and whole and tastes of mountain and ancient sunlight. It flows steady and true and offers a host of special properties quite hard to define. It is alive, and it feels good just to be around it. In fact, it is all about how it makes you feel, this living water…

It is not something I wish to take for granted. It is a sobering fact…


[article in progress]


Michael Patrick McCarty


Waters From Heaven, and Earth. Photo by Michael Patrick McCarty