Utility Pigeons

We sell King Pigeons. Breeding pairs and young birds. They are excellent squab producers. Contact us for more information at thebackyardprovider@gmail.com

—Currently out of stock for 2014. Please let us know what you are looking for, and if you would like to be on a waiting list.

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Michael Patrick McCarty


10 thoughts on “Utility Pigeons

  1. Tom Kipgen

    I purchased 24 pair of White King Squab producers from the PigeonFarms.com this past spring and 10 pair of Hybrid Sqaub producers also for the PigeonFarms. All of these birds had just reached breeding age when the season came to a close. So all of them will be quick to begin nesting in early spring.

    I am willing to sell the White Kings at $40 each with a minimum purchase of 8 birds minimum. The Hybrids will of for $50 each with a minimum of 5 pair. Shipping these minimum limits would be $75. If you check out PigeonFarms.com you will certainly see the savings here.

    I had already made arrangements with a local high-end restaurant for this coming season but I have been advised of medical diagnosis that is going to make this impossible to pursue.

    Tom Kipgen

    354 S. Council Rd.
    Crescent, Ok 73028

  2. Dolly

    I would like to buy a couple of pairs of white king pigeons.
    How much will that be, and when will you have some ready to ship?


    1. Michael Patrick McCarty

      Hello Dolly,

      Sorry we have not been back with you. We have no birds to sell for the remainder of 2012. I will put you on our contact list.

      Thanks for asking.

    2. frank kinney

      hello dolly i have utility white king for sale.they are young birds i think young birds is the best way to start.661-264-2773

  3. Jerry Scrivner

    I am interested in purchasing white king pigeons. Please e-mail me if you have any available and price.


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