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Fire Skills: 50 Methods for Starting Fires Without Matches by David Aman

Fire Skills: 50 Methods for Starting Fires Without Matches by David Aman

“The name says it all. Inside you will find 50 methods for starting fires without matches. You will learn how to light fire with friction, chemicals, the sun, electricity, and sparks. You will learn how to start a fire with ice, guns, rocks, sticks, flashlights and even air. If you enjoy camping, hiking, primitive or survival skills, scouts, or just walking in the woods then you should read this book. You will gain knowledge of so many methods of starting fires without matches that you will be better prepared in case of an emergency. Dave Aman is an expert at starting fires without matches. He has been a Boy Scout leader for 15 years and this subject has become an obsession to him. He has tried many experiments and is willing to pass this knowledge onto you. Read the book and show off to your kids or maybe your hunting buddies. Enjoy!” – Author Synopsis

Some Flint Knapping “How To”

This short video about how to flint knap comes courtesy of Dave Massender of Oregon, and Colorado.

As you will see, Dave can make it look quite easy, which of course it is not. He tells me that he has been flint knapping for about 20 years, and that he could not begin to guess at how many hours of practice that it took him to achieve this particular level of skill.

He says that he has always been enamored with all things Indian, beginning at age seven when he first tagged along with his father and friends as they searched for arrowheads in the Nevada mountains. It took more than an agonizing few years to finally find someone who could teach him what he yearned to know, and a flint knapper was born.

Dave loves to work with non-traditional materials when fashioning his points and blades. He considers it a practical and useful skill, but most of all, an art form of elegant significance.

He is happy to share some of his knowledge and expertise here, just as his friend did for him so many years ago.

You can see more of Dave’s flint knapping videos and other things of interest here.



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Food Freedom – And Guns Too!

Some Basic Mountain Mulemanship

There is no better way to hunt elk in the high Rocky Mountains than by horseback or mule, yet working with pack horses and mules is fast becoming a lost art. Hats off to all of you horseback hunters.

There’s a lot to be said for hunting with mules in the mountains. No doubt horses are great, but mules may be better.

Check out the video below for some valuable tips and insights.


– Video courtesy of Dave Massender. See Dave’s Youtube Channel Here.


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