Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey Tells It Like It Is

The inalienable truth behind The Bill of Rights and The Right To Keep and Bear Arms has never changed.

What has changed, is exactly what is, and what is not, politically correct. The definition of that ephemeral social construct wavers in the wind; real world realities can get you killed.

To paraphrase Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey below, “PC” should stand for “Protecting the Citizen” and “the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”.

I could not agree more…

Americans are taking messages like these to heart, fueled by recent events and the unconstitutional acts and dangerous meanderings of the current presidential administration. The year 2015 will set records for background checks and gun sales, with over 21 million sold.

Unfortunately, you can be sure that the relentless assault on gun owners will only intensify.



What do you think?


Posted by Michael Patrick McCarty

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“You can deny the realities of the need for self protection, but you cannot escape the consequences of that ignorance”. Michael Patrick McCarty

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